Sandwich Bones

Dramatis personae: Me (the unnamed mother of two boys, fond of cooking and eating, and happy when she can make something her sons like. This happens with decreasing frequency as her children get older).

Ned (a 13-year-old boy. Loves Ritz crackers, playing football. Hates crusts on sandwiches, answering like/dislike questions. Eats only the center of a sandwich, even when the crusts have been removed).

no crustremoved).

Me: What frightens you about the edge of a sandwich?

Ned: Are we going ice skating?

Me: Yes. I cut those crusts off, so why are you avoiding the edges?

Ned: Do I have to rent skates?

Me: Why don’t you eat the crust?

Ned: Why are you so strict about this?

Me: Everything you have there is edible. There are no crusts.

Ned: I’ll eat it. I’ll eat it.

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